Practical examples of real estate appraisal

The lands in our country are so limited that it's the time, in which people asks of the real estate value.

It is essential that the estate should be reasonably evaluated and be properly utilized. The judgement of property, it means 'fair land value' and 'effective use of property' is duly made by experts, who take into consideration local environments and other various conditions.

The real estate appraisal is also used for public purposes, such as Chikakoji (Land Prices published by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) and Chikachosa (Land Prices published by prefectural governments), as well as for purchasing public site, land assessments for inheritance tax, for fixed property tax etc..

The other needs for appraisals are, for example, requests from courts, for incorporation, recently for securitization.

These works can be conducted only by those who passed the national examination of "real estate appraiser"and have been registered to the ministry.

For Mortgage

A rentable amount can be decided based on appraisal document, when you borrow business fund with real estate owned by you. On the contrary, in the case of holding mortgage on the real estate, a definite valuation is absolute requirement. And in the case of holding mortgage of industrial foundation, the appraisal including machinery and equipment is necessary.
For these cases, the appraisal documents are sufficient to explain to financial institutions.

For need for property valuation

When you make a re-valuation of lands or buildings or when you want to know current value of them, the appraisal is required.

Estate prices are likely to be unstable.

For transaction of real estate

It is necessary to know the current prices of estate, when you think about selling it at expected price.
When you intend to buy real estate or make an equivalent exchange of it, it is of a great help to you.

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